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"I Like America and America Likes Me" was published in the fall 2022 issue of Copper Nickel. Thanks to the magazine's editors for nominating the poem for a Pushcart. 

This Left Margin LIT / Litquake event with Maw Shein Win, Mia Ayumi Malhotra, and Jacques Rancourt was really fun! I can e-mail you our packet if you're interested. 

The summer issue of The Georgia Review published three new poems, "Final Approach," "Poem for the Animals on the Carousel at Tilden Park," and "Rose and Thorn."

Here's my review of recent poetry titles from Rebecca Morgan Frank, Deborah Paredez, and Molly Spencer. I love these books!


My poem "Lying in a Hammock" was published in the winter 2020-21 issue of Ploughshares.

Thanks to Ross White at Four Way Review for selecting this poem for the magazine. It's the first poem in my next book.

One of my favorite online journals, Memorious, published my poem "Letter to Jim in Syria." The poem memorializes a friend who was kidnapped and killed while covering the war there.

I've always wanted to write about basketball. Here's my first attempt, a fun little essay about Nikola Jokic, the new NBA MVP. Thanks to Head Fake Sports for the solicitation. 


James Tate was my first poetry mentor and hero. Check out this website archiving his work! I also picked a poem to share and gloss.

For Ron Slate's On the Seawall I recently reviewed Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers's A Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons

I really love Erin Belieu's latest book from Copper Canyon. Here's my review of Come-Hither Honeycomb.


I just did my first interview for The Adroit Journal. Poet Alan Chazaro and I talk about his book Pinata Theory.

It's been a lucky year so far. I'm proud to be a 2021-2022 National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellow, especially among this group of poets. Thank you NEA!

I'm glad to report I've joined The Adroit Journal as its new Director of Content. We've got all kinds of cool features in store. Thanks to Peter LaBerge an Heidi Seaborn for bringing me aboard!

Poetry Northwest published my poem "Three Horses" on their website. (Poem inspired by the film Michael Clayton.)



Henri Cole is a master of the image and crafts lines I admire (and envy). It was an honor to interview him for LitHub to celebrate his new book, Blizzard.

Thank you, Vandana Khanna and Blas Falconer, for publishing "Call It a Day" in The Los Angeles Review.

Robert Frank is one of my artistic heroes. Thanks to LitHub for publishing my elegy to him.

Here's my pandemic-inspired poem ("Home Schooling") in The San Francisco Chronicle.

My review of Sarah Gambito's Loves You in On the Seawall.

Two new poems up at The Adroit Journal. What a great lineup in this issue!

If you like writing (or reading) self-portrait poems, check out Lisa Russ Spaar's anthology More Truly and More Strange. My weird little "Self-Portrait as David Hockney" is included.

Online journal Juke Joint published three new poems. Coyotes abound!

The Cortland Review published two poems from Darkness for Beginners

I sometimes review books for Ron Slate's On the Seawall. Here's a short review of Julia Guez's In An Invisible Glass Case Which Is Also A Frame.

New poem in storySouth!

Many thanks to the City of Berkeley for a Civic Arts Grant, which will help me put the finishing touches on Darkness for Beginners.

Some poems up at the Poetry Foundation.

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